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The Lightroom Classic plugin for automated photo keywording

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Fully automated process

The plugin saves your time for thinking of and manually adding keywords to your photos.

Up to 30 keywords

Wordroom can automatically suggest up to 30 keywords depending on the photo.

Optimized for stock photos

The auto-keywording technology is configured specifically for stock photos.

Here is an example of an image automatically keyworded by Wordroom:


How to install Wordroom?

Installation of the plug-in is quite easy and standardized. Instructions how to install Wordroom are listed in this article.

How to add the keywords in the metadata of the image?

When you click the “Add to keyword tags” button, the plug-in adds all selected keywords in the Lightroom’s Keyword tags panel, where by default you manage and sync all of your photo’s metadata.

Which photo file formats are supported by Wordroom?

We support all RAW and non-RAW formats that Lightroom Classic supports. If you experience problems with some of the formats, please write to wordroom (at) imagga (dot) com

Do you keep my photos safe?

We transport your photos via secured connection. We do not store your photos locally. The image itself is used only for the purposes of auto-keywording it. If you agree to the terms, we might use aggregated keyword data from your pictures to improve the overall quality of the image auto-keywording technology.

Can I use Wordroom in Photoshop?

Not currently. Both softwares support different types of plug-ins. If you need this, please let us know in Twitter @imagga so we can gather public opinion for the feature requests.

For some pictures the keywords returned by the plug-in are not relevant at all?

The keyword generation is a fully automatic process by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms. Although we have configured the algorithm to understand the vast majority of topics and scenes, it might have some difficulties understanding certain rare image concepts. To help us improve the algorithm, you can manually define tags that best describe the photo.

I have an idea how your technology can be of help for other purposes. Should I let you know?

That’s great, you are more than welcome to drop us a line at wordroom (at) imagga (dot) com and we can have a chat about your idea.

How to use Wordroom?

While in Library view in Lightroom Classic, you can access the plug-in from the Library > Plug-in Extras menu.

How to create a shortcut to Wordroom?

There is no automated way to do this, because Lightroom doesn’t support shortcuts for third party plug-ins, but here you can find how to do it manually.

Can I add custom keywords through the plug-in?

Yes, you can! You can as many custom tags as you want through the plugin before you hit the "Add to Keyword Tags" button.

Can I use Wordroom without internet connectivity?

No, unfortunately local machines are typically not powerful enough the do this type of automated analysis offline, so our plug-in needs an internet connection to send your photos for analysis in the cloud in order to return the most relevant keyword suggestions.

How to update Wordroom?

You just need to extract the new version in the same folder and replace the old plugin files with the new ones, then Lightroom will automatically run the new version. Note that you must keep the name of the plug-in’s folder unchanged, otherwise when you try to run the plug-in you’ll receive an error.

The plugin is working slow and takes too much time to return the tags?

Please, make sure you are connected to Internet. The actual analysis of the photos is done server side so make sure you have fast internet connection for better results. If the problem persists, let us know and we will investigate of any possible causes of the issue.

I want to add just a few of all the keywords suggested. How can I do that quickly?

The best way is to click on the “Deselect all” button below the suggest keywords and then manually check only the ones you want to be added.

Do you offer support?

We do not offer custom support as a service, we only support the plug-in features based on collected users feedback, but you can always send your feedback at wordroom (at) imagga (dot) com

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